Inspirational Quotes About Love and Life

Inspirational Quotes About Love and Life
Inspirational Quotes About Love and Life

I want to share with you today some inspirational quotes about love and life. These are a few of the life principles I live by and the things I learned from having been heart broken.

I also wrote down my thoughts and explain these inspirational quotes briefly so everyone can grasp the concept.

I hope these inspirational thoughts can help you like they helped me being the person that I am today.

We are a reflection of our thoughts. Beautiful thoughts are beautiful people.

A Reflection of Our Thoughts

Do you believe that your thoughts are a reflection of what you feel on the inside? The hatred you have grown towards your ex for example reflects a resentment of yourself – all these years you have been hating yourself and questioning yourself how you allowed to be fooled or hurt or deceived or broken.

Another example is when you become angry towards a competitor or a business rival – your anger reflects your anger towards yourself that is based in your jealousy, your fear, your sense of insecurity.

Just like a mirror therefore, our thoughts reveal us – the real us – what and who we truly are from within, from our core being.

Beautiful Thoughts are Beautiful People

This nature of thinking has an advantage of providing us with deeper understanding about ourselves thus giving us the chance to grow and become better. We can reduce inner conflicts and self doubts and help us pacify our minds.

If our personal thoughts reveal how we feel towards ourselves, it is always better then to think of positive thoughts, to focus ourselves on what is beautiful to reflect more of the beauty within us.

When you know and understand yourself this way, you can easily change your thinking about yourself and you are able to ensure that what your thoughts reflect is the real “you’ within.


“True beauty is radiant. The one who owns it doesn’t even know it. And those who envy choose to be ugly while those who admire choose to be pretty.”

You are a beautiful person in the eyes of God no matter who you are in this world or where you come from. That is why as a human being living here on earth, we should learn to appreciate even the tiniest things about ourselves because it is a gift from above. Sometimes, we often hate some flaws in our body and would wish to have a better one instead. But rather than wishing and wanting for more, we better just enhance the beauty that we have and use some of these flaws as an asset.

Most of the time, it is the people looking at us who has something to tell about us. It could be both a positive and negative impression that oftentimes challenges us. People define us on how we look most of the time. You just have to accept that there will be people who will only see badness in you whether it be due to your physical appearance or to your inner personality. Do not be afraid nor ashamed about it because those who have something to say against you have nothing but an envious heart. It is not you who is ugly in their eyes but themselves rather.

On the other hand, for those people who appreciate you, thank them and appreciate what they have in return. These people are the ones who will help you become better in this life. They will not only increase your self-confidence but also let you see that you are indeed a wonderful creature here on earth. These people are the ones who have truly a pure heart; so, treasure them throughout your lifetime.


“With you my God I know that I can find my true self. Please lead me to the path to my true happiness.”

Dear Lord, thank you for the gift of life that you have given me. I may not be able to appreciate this simple gift that you have unconditionally given day by day, but I do value it as much as I could. Sometimes, I feel that life is too hard on me that I just want to give up. And a lot of times, I feel that I am a lost sheep in this world. I keep on trying to find the answers of what I am here for. Why do I exist? What should I do to help or become a better person in this world?

I know I shouldn’t question you nor the way you do things for each of us. But I just want to ask for you guidance here on earth. I know it’s not easy for many trials will still come into my way to test me with my faith in You. I just hope that I will be able to remain strong and surpass each trial with utmost grace and determination. I will continue live this life bringing such good values and spreading it to those people who need it the most. Until I find what really makes me contented and happy in this world, then I can truly say that I have been an obedient child of yours. Help me that I would not be blinded by such material ambitions and that I will be focused on walking on the right path which is to love and be loved in return. With you my Lord, I know life will be easier because it is with you where the true happiness lies. Thank you for being there with me all the time. Amen.


“When you see the beauty in others, they will also see the beauty in you.”

Life becomes more beautiful if you learn to appreciate people and the tiniest things here on earth. Although life is very complicated to live in, when you see a positive aspect in it, it will be very easy to live in it day by day. How does your neighbor look today? What positive has changed in your mother or father today? Being able to observe all these things will surely create a desirable, if not positive, impact to you and to the people you’ve learned to appreciate with.

Just by merely saying, “You look good today” or, “I like your smile”, it can change a person’s outlook throughout the day. And if a lot of people will be saying that to you every day, then maybe you can change the outlook of your life throughout the years to come too. When you show other people that you are genuinely kind at heart by the way you talk and the way you act around them, they will value you as a good person. You will attract more people to make friends to you and confide to you with their problems because they know you are a person who will be there unconditionally for them.

You may not be able to notice it at an instant but with continuous positive feedback from people around you, you will slowly see how a beautiful person you have become. Let us learn to value people around us and continue to be honest and grateful for them and we will surely have a better life to live in. It would be very nice to live our lives when we know we get to give people a smile everyday.


“What should have been keeps reminding you of what has been and what has been keeps you from appreciating what is. It blinds you from seeing what you have. It stops you from realizing that what matters is now.”

Regret acts like an anchor. It holds you down, and it keeps you from seeing what the future holds. It doesn’t change what has been. Instead it makes you keep replaying the same thing over and over in your head, stopping you from moving forward.

If something has happened in the past- something that you just think should not have happened – it would be hard to forget about it. Because we’re human, we feel things. And we can’t help feeling regret sometimes. But holding on to the past and not letting go is not quite right. You can’t serve two masters at the same time. You can’t keep echoing what had occurred repeatedly in your mind and at the same time think of the possibilities that have yet to come. You need to let go, and focus on what you can do now. The past is past, it’s done, and there’s nothing we can do to change what’s happened. The past will corrupt your mind. It takes over, making your views clouded and close-minded. Thus the reason you need to let go. You need to accept that you need to move on. Your mind should be a sanctuary, not a place that’s upsetting.

Time is required for any kind of treatment and healing. The same goes with our thoughts. I know the past will always be there in the back of your mind, the past will always be there to haunt you, but it’s up to you to learn to keep up with it. Learn how to overcome those past experiences and focus on the good things now. Take time today to meet people and appreciate the people who are with you today. Make your time worthwhile today to avoid the past from happening all over again.


“If you count everything you’ve lost, you will always feel empty. Count your blessings and you will feel how truly blessed you are and be grateful about it.”

We’re all blessed, in one way or another. That’s a thought not many people realize. I—included. Sometimes we tend to complain, about the awful things that happen in our lives or the good things we don’t have and lack. And I believe that’s normal. But then I also believe bickering with yourself about things you can’t change won’t do anything.

We may not realize it, but we have been given so much in our lives. We just need to learn how to look. I remember reading a quote that goes like this: “So many things become beautiful when you really look.” It was a quote by Lauren Oliver. As I stumbled upon that saying, I realized how that one sentence contained a meaningful truth. We all grumble about that dysfunctional TV remote, or that empty bottle of coke, or how our mothers are such never ending worrywarts. And honestly, sometimes we complain too much, failing to see how grateful we should be with what we have. We forget to look around.

The little things matter. We should never fail to remember that. If you feel like complaining, ask yourself some questions. You’re alive, right? Do you have a home, a safe place to stay? Have you got clean air to breathe? A closet full of clothes to keep you warm for winter? Do you get to see sunrises at five AM, and sunsets at five PM? Do you have good friends and a warm, supportive family? Do you have food for your dinner tonight? Answer these simple questions. If you still want to complain, then complain.

Complain about how tired you are from walking from work. Complain about whatever you want to complain about. After that, think about the bright side of your problem. Like how lucky you are to even have a healthy body, so healthy that you can walk on your feet.

Avoid counting, stating or creating a list of what’s not in your hands because the things you want will come to you if they are meant to be yours. For now, focus on what you’ve got, and show more appreciation. Being positive will attract good things to come your way.


“Everything we do today is not an assurance of a better tomorrow but we keep walking and we hold on to our dreams because if tomorrow may not be good, the day after might just be.”

We spend everyday of our lives trying to better ourselves so that tomorrow will be a better day than today. Sometimes tomorrow is a better day, and sometimes things just happen that are completely out of our control that make the day worse. Yet we find it within ourselves to hold on and keep our heads up because when tomorrow does get here, it becomes today. And just because today wasn’t what we expected doesn’t mean that tomorrow won’t be.


So there you go, some inspirational quotes about love and life. I hope you are inspired to do the same. Have a great day! 🙂

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