Inspirational Love Quotes from the Heart

Inspirational Love Quotes from the Heart
Inspirational Love Quotes from the Heart

There’s nothing more inspiring than to love and be loved in return. It’s as if the world is painted with rainbow colors and everything just seem to be right.

This is how I feel when I wrote these inspirational love quotes from the heart. I sometimes need to maintain a high level of inspiration especially during those times that I feel like giving up.

So I’m sharing you some inspirational love quotes and I hope you find them a source of your inspiration as well.

1. True love is more than just love. It’s keeping someone in your heart no matter what.

2. You can finally say you have moved on when you do it on your own. Don’t look for a replacement. No one deserves to be a rebound.

3. Love may be the reason why people make mistakes but it’s the same love that makes people grow.

4. You don’t have to ask me why I love you. I just do.

5. I will always be with you. I’d stay awake all night to be with you, to hold you, to feel you. When we’ve grown apart and you can no longer be mine, I would stay in my slumber for the rest of my life dreaming about you, holding you, touching you, staying with you…

6. Perhaps, you get lost sometimes so you can meet someone who will not only give you directions but will walk with you, might be lost with you but won’t leave you. Until both of you will realize, gazing at each other’s eyes that you already have found what you’re looking for. That this is the right place, the right moment you have been waiting for…

7. Thank you, not only for accepting me for who I am but also for believing in me that I can be who I dream to be.

8. Enter my mind and have me temporarily. Enter my soul and I’m yours eternally.

9. We love for reasons only our hearts can understand.

10. We love for many reasons that we cannot identify them all. We love for reasons so vague that no words can describe exactly how we feel. And sometimes, we love for no reason at all. We just love.

11. No riches can ever pay the happiness you find in one true love.

12. I love you from the bottom of my heart, from every fiber of my soul.

13. As I look into your eyes, I see myself with the one I truly cared for; I deeply loved and will forever be in my heart.

14. There may be times that I feel I wish I never met you, for meeting you just gives me so much pain. But every time I remember that love means being hurt, and then I realize how much blessed I am to have met you, for you are the only one who let me feel how great it is to be loved.

15. I may not be able to think of a reason why I love you but there’s one thing I am sure of, that you are the only reason why I now believe in love.

16. Once you realize that everything is temporary, then you can learn to live everyday, seize each moment and cherish each joy with the one you love.

17. I can give up the world because I love you. I can give it up and just build a new one around you.

18. I don’t have to grow old with you to prove my love. If life is too short to be with you, I will wait another lifetime to love you and hold you.

19. You have touched my life in a most wonderful way.

20. Our love will make a way to make you stay.

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