Famous Inspirational Love Poems

Famous Inspirational Love Poems
Famous Inspirational Love Poems

You’re Always in My Thoughts ~ A Love Poem for Her

You’re Always in My Thoughts is a love poem for a mom who was pure at heart and who gave a love so humble and unconditional. This love poem is for her.

Peering within a thickly narrowing path of my local church,
To the east, this was my point of vantage
There comes a woman who was full of love in her heart
Her love has no boundaries
Spreading like a bush fire to different horizons

To demonstrate her love to humankind,
All she did was fight for their rights
From her hands many have eaten
This poor lady stood on her ground

Just like fortune that knocks at every door,
So is death has snatched her
Death why do you beset your people?
Why do you take lives when they are at their best?

You will never be forgotten
You will always stay in my heart
You will be missed
You are forever loved!

I am More Than What They Think ~ A Short Love Poem

I am More Than What They Think is a short love poem about a man standing his ground from all the judgment and condemnation by people around him. We cannot please everybody and everybody has always something to say about everything. Being judged is really something inevitable especially from people who do not know us at all. But these are the people who are not worth of our attention and time and energy. We should only focus on people who give effort and time to know us, to listen to us, because these are the people who truly care, who won’t judge us and they are the ones who will truly bring the best in us.

I am more than what they think
I am more than what they see
I am more than what they expect
I am more than what they suspect

The ones who truly care
Are those who see me glare
Those who truly listen
They are those who see me glisten

Look Within To Find Yourself ~ Motivational Love Poem

Look back to find lesson
Look forward to find hope
Look around to find what’s real
Look within to find yourself

The only reason you should look back to your past is to find lesson from it. Don’t dwell on the past. Just find the lesson and move on. Find hope in everything you do and just look forward for a better tomorrow. Find what’s real when you look around. This way, you become aware of your surroundings and you can think of ways to help and love other people for in that way, when you look within, you know you have found yourself in others.

Live For A Cause Not For Applause – Purpose Driven Life Love Poem

Live for a cause not for applause
Live life to express not to impress
Don’t intimidate others by your presence
Treat people well that they miss you in your absence.

We don’t live our lives not to be recognized by other people but by God and that is only our true purpose. We live our lives according to His will and that is our only cause.

When we live our lives to express our thoughts and feelings to our family, our loved ones and to our fellowmen, we do it because we love them, we do it out of love and not because we want to please them.

Moreover, may we treat other people in such a way that they will not be intimidated by our presence. May we live our lives in humility and kindness and compassion so that these values of ours will live forever.

You are my Best Friend ~ Friendship Love Poem

You are my Best Friend ~ Friendship Love Poem is a love poem expressing gratitude and appreciation for a best friend who is always there in good times and bad.

There are times I go weak
There are moments I grow strong
No matter what happened to me
Dear friend you were my shining star

You made me smile at my worst
You held me high,at my best
You picked me up after every fall
You made rise through my every low

I make this promise to you my dear
Whether sunshine or rain I’ll always be beside you
Where life will take us I don’t know
It can never make us apart that is sure

Our moments of laughter,moments of tears
Everything is etched in memory and forever will be there
Your warmth and love I will always cherish
You are my best friend and will always remain

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