30 Best Broken Heart Love Quotes

Best Broken Heart Love Quotes
Best Broken Heart Love Quotes

When I was heart broken, a lot of thoughts have kept on playing on my mind. There are times when I can’t help but to hate my ex for leaving me, for giving up on me, for quitting on me. There are also times that I’m thanking him that he did, because now I can say that I’m free from a toxic relationship.

Here are 30 best broken heart love quotes that I wrote during my heart broken days. These heart broken quotes are not meant to make you bitter. You can be sad and lonely and grieve but I hope you don’t stay there too long.

After all, life is too short to be spending it too long as being heart broken. When the crying is over, just get up and move on. There’s no point punishing yourself for something that is already non-existing.

1.  My heart may have been broken, but the love I kept inside will always stay the same.

2. Time stood still when you broke my heart.

3. I want to forgive you for hurting me, but most importantly, I want to forgive myself for allowing you to hurt me.

4. I just realized that I have to let you go. There’s nothing wrong with you. You’re not just the right one for me.

5. I know that this breakup is long overdue. I’ve been holding on for quite a long time now. I realized you weren’t even there anymore.

6. I just really need to get up, stop crying over nonsense and move on.

7. You have broken my heart so bad that I’m beginning to hurt others out of my hurt that I got from you.

8.  You may have broken my heart but you can never break ME.

9. There are just people in our lives who don’t want to be a part of it anymore and we just really have to deal with it.

10. Each time our heart breaks, we become more frightened to fall in love again. But we can’t find the right one if we stop and give up on trying.

11. I don’t apologize for what I am. I know someone out there is dying to meet someone exactly like me.

12. It’s not really the breakup that hurts. It’s the habits that you get used to do and can no  longer do alone.

13. If hearts are meant to be broken, then I’d rather stay single for the rest of my life.

14. Don’t expect to be loved the way you wanted it because if they don’t, you will only get disappointed.

15. I thought you were everything I could ever ask for. You simply broke my heart. You are someone I never should have asked for.

16. Someday, you will realize that I am the best you could ever be with and during that time, you will see that you are someone I am best without.

17. It’s not really about the fact that I lost you. It’s the memories that kill me each time I remember them.

18. What broke my heart was to leave you and this time, you never tried to stop me.

19. Don’t hold on to something you’re very sure that you’re the only one holding on to. A relationship is two-way, if it’s one way, you are no longer in a relationship.

20.  The hardest part of being heart broken is knowing that both of you still love each other but you just really need to let each other go.

21. I wish I could have done so much more so you won’t have to leave me.

22. I hope one day, I can stop blaming myself for leaving you and just move on with my life.

23. It hurts to know that I am not what he is looking for, that I just don’t have it.

24. It breaks my heart to know that he couldn’t imagine a life with me when all I was thinking about is to finally be with him.

25. Why am I still in love with you when you already have broken my heart?

26. My heart has been broken and it remained such for a very long time.

27. When someone leaves you, it’s not only your heart that breaks, it’s all the dreams shattered too and you just can’t simply start anew.

28. He was my comfort zone. Now that he’s gone, I need to accept that everything has changed.

29. When your heart is broken, it feels like you have died inside and you couldn’t care less if you’re not living at all.

30. The hardest part in letting you go is knowing that you deserve someone better and that you are better off without me.

As I always say, being heart broken is all in the mind. If you change your mindset and tell yourself that you are no longer a prisoner from all the memories brought to your past your relationship, you will be able to move on.

You can grieve for a while, cry and lock yourself in your room but don’t do it too long that your relationship with other people will be affected. But you can’t go on a date that quick too. You can divert your attention to anything that won’t hurt other people. And even if it can help you, you can’t just make somebody as a rebound.

Heal yourself first and the right person will come to you. There’s no need to rush. Just take your time to love yourself first. Focus on the things that will make you a better person. You don’t have to do this for revenge to your ex or something. Change yourself because you have to and in preparation for a better relationship that lies ahead.

I think that is a better mindset rather than being bitter. Good motivation will end in good result.

I hope these 30 best broken heart love quotes helps you in letting go of all the bad memories from your past and look forward to creating better memories in the future when you have finally moved on. If I was able to do it, then I’m pretty sure that you can do it too. Give yourself some time and everything will fall into place sooner than you expected.

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