Short Romantic Love Letters

Short Romantic Love Letters
Short Romantic Love Letters

I Love You For a Reason

No matter how many reasons I can think of for me to leave you, there is only one reason that lets me hold on. It’s because I love you and for me, that is enough.

When life presents challenges, when times are tough, when everything seems impossible, our love keeps me going. Through thick and thin, your love has always been a source of comfort and strength for me. Without you, my world would be empty. Without your love, I would wander through time, merely existing but not truly living.

When I found you, it was as if the clouds parted and the sun could finally, mercifully shine through. No matter what we go through, no matter the fights, the silences, the anger, I will remain by your side because I love you. Loving you is as easy and natural as breathing, and just as necessary. Without breath, my body would die. Without you, my soul would die. As I sift through the pain this world has thrown at me, I perpetually see a ray of hope to cling to.

You are my hope, my heart, and my desire. I could jot down a thousand love quotes, but none would capture the true love we share. Great poets have said all you need is love. Others scoff at the idea, but I understand the truth of it. I know, deep inside myself, that our love is incomparable to any other relief or joy.

My love, you are all I need. And that is enough to sustain my heart during this life and the next. I know that no matter how lost or inconsequential I feel, you are my reason to soldier on. So, remember, through the doubts and the heartache, I am faithfully yours forever. Because I truly, deeply, indefinitely love you.


Your Love is My Joy

Your love has brought me the most joy.

We have been together for only a few months now. Not a pretty long time but long enough for me to know how much I love you. Long before I met you, I had nothing much to look forward to apart from football matches and movies on a Friday night. Those were the things that gave me comfort in life but ever since I met you a lot has changed. I believed that a “happy ever after” kind of love only existed in fiction and fairy tale until I met you.

Ever since I met you, you have brought to me so much joy and happiness that I can scarcely contain. I am sure that beams of light radiate from me everywhere I go since there are always eyebrows raised at me wondering what came into me. I am now always smiling and energized, humming love songs that I hear on the radio.

A number of people have wanted to know what’s up with me but they cannot understand. This is because I am filled with secrets that cannot be shared or even expressed in words. When you’re around, I can’t help but feel joyous. Spending time with you uplifts me in many ways that I have never felt before. When I’m with you, even the worst situations seem like fun to me.

I’ve shared bright moments with you, laughing so hard that my face and sides hurt. The love I’ve found in you brings out the desire to see the silly and look for the good, amusing aspects of life. I wonder how lonely and boring my life would be without you. You have brought so much joy into my world that I dare say life would not be worth living without you in it.


You and I Forever

We are meant to be together. Just you and I, forever.

We have so much in common and I am inclined to believe we were created for each other. You supplement my weaknesses and make me better. Your strengths not only make me better but also bring the best out of me. This is only possible if you have somebody who was created just for you.

I am a believer in the story about God creating Eve for Adam. Adam was lonely and needed company, and God gave him Eve. In my case, God identified what I needed in a life partner and He created you for me.

Every other girl I met has a weakness that makes us incompatible. All other girls seem to ask what they can get from me. Unlike them, you are generous in the way you have given me your love and the way you treat me like a King.

I always wish to spend more time with you. I feel so complete when I am with you. This is a feeling I have never experienced with anybody else. You stand by my side through thick and thin. You are there for me in a time where girls bolt at the first sign of trouble. You do not love me because of my money but, you stick with me whether I am broke or not.

I know for certain that this is true love and it can only exist between two people who were meant to be together forever.

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