Long Distance Relationship Messages for Boyfriend

Long Distance Relationship Messages for Boyfriend
Long Distance Relationship Messages for Boyfriend

The absence of physical connection is the major challenge in a long distance relationship. Just the thought of not being able to hug or kiss or hold hands or just simply sitting next to each other can really be unbearable.

You must both be ready to take up the challenge if you are in a long distance relationship. And you should always think of ways on how to keep your love burning until that day when you will be together once again.

Here are long distance relationship messages for boyfriend that you can use and send to your loved one to let them know you always think about them and assure them that you are just here waiting for them. I hope this helps.

1. We were all born to love and to be loved. Anyone who loves deserves to be loved as well. We just need to patiently wait for the right person who will love us back the way we truly deserve. You are the right person my love. And though I have to keep waiting for us to be together, just know that I will patiently do that for you.

2. The moment I saw you, I started to believe that love does exist. I already found the perfect one for me and you’re someone I want to treasure for the rest of my life. I know someday I will be keeping you in my arms but for now, let me keep you in my heart.

3. Everyday, I watch from my window, hoping it’s you that will finally pass by.  And though you are far away from me, my love for you just keeps getting stronger.

4. I know it has been a struggle for both of us not to see each other everyday. I long for your kiss and your hug especially when I feel down. I know this is really difficult for us but we need to hold on. It will only take a few months before we can finally be together.

5. I just want you to know that even if we are miles apart, you are always on my mind. You are my inspiration of my every day. And I hope you also feel the same way.

6. I can’t wait to see you soon enough. Time is running fast and I know sooner or later we will be back in each other’s arms once again. Love takes a sacrifice and I’m glad that we are almost over it.

7. Thank you for trusting in me and for continuously loving me with all your heart. Even if you are far away, it feels like you are so near.  You are always in my heart, don’t you ever forget that. I trust you just the same and I hope our love will be strong enough to resist any temptation that would come our way. Be strong my love.

8. There is no doubt that I am happy with you. You are an inspiration and I really thank you for sticking with me through thick and thin. Thank you for loving me unconditionally and giving me more than what I deserve. I hope someday, I will be able to give back all the love you have shown me. Please wait for me.

9. I know this is a personal struggle that I have to surpass. But I am afraid that if time may come, I will go on and hurt you so much. I know you don’t deserve to feel pain knowing how kind you are as a person. There is no guarantee that our love and relationship will be as smooth sailing as of today. I cannot guarantee you that I am a perfect partner either. I would just like you to know that if ever I caused you so much pain, please don’t try to hide it from me. Actually, all I’m saying is this distance is really killing me and I really really miss you so much…

10. They say you only realize life’s worth when a thing is gone; that you come to realize how lucky you are and unlucky as well for losing some things because of your neglect. And I don’t want to feel that with you. I don’t want you to feel that you are being neglected at any cost. That is why I’m sending you this message to let you know that I do love you and I care for you so much.

11. I just want you to know that I’m so blessed to have you in my life. You support me every step of the way. You encourage me to live my dreams and aspirations. You appreciate even the smallest things that I do for you. Just know that I’m just here to support and love you as well. I will always be here no matter what what happens and I will keep on in this relationship and this distance will only make us stronger.

12. And though I was hurt so many times, you are the reason why I learned to love again. I never regret even a single bit of falling in love to a person like you. You are the one who inspires me and keeps me going when I am at my lowest. I just want you to know that I will do anything for you. I am willing to sacrifice only for you. I will love you with the best that I could. Until I met you again…

13. At night before I sleep, I always think about you. I’m dreaming about the time when we will be together again. You are the only one who can make me smile the way you do. You can make me laugh so hard. I wish our love will last more than what we expect it to be. I’m just here waiting for you. This distance doesn’t keep me from loving you. Instead, it makes me long to be with you all the more. I’m just here my love. I will see you very soon.


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